Colburn Commercial Properties LLC, a new company with years of experience.

My Father entered the commercial real estate market in Grand Rapids in the late 60s, as an enthusiastic young man. He loved it.
 His enthusiasm and success convinced me, as a boy, there’d be no better career. So, I joined him in the business in 1982, we formed Colburn Hundley, Inc together in 1990. Now he counsels me as I launch Colburn Commercial Properties, LLC, a new company with years of experience in real estate. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed working together and serving some of the best people and the finest companies in the Grand Rapids area. 
It has always been our goal to provide personal service. To offer assistance to people for their real estate needs and to enjoy the relationships that develop from doing a good job and serving the best interests of our clients while dealing fairly with all.

Looking back I see that I really learned the basics of the business as a teen at the dinner table. One key lesson that has benefited me throughout my career is that ads don’t sell real estate, personal contacts do. To market real estate effectively takes thinking and action. Thinking about the best and most valuable uses for a property and then initiating contacts to share the idea with the prospective user. Persistence along with credibility and a little persuasion pays off.

Our goal is for our new company, with our years of experience, to provide outstanding service to our clients in the real estate market in our community. 
We use modern technology and expert support along with advanced marketing tools and diligent efforts to meet our clients real estate needs. The results we strive for are satisfied clients and good long-term relationships.

I appreciate your taking an interest in my new firm and I invite you to give me an opportunity to assist with your commercial real estate needs. It will be my pleasure to do so.

John M. Colburn, Jr.